Relax the resistance

There is a saying attributed to Lao-tzu in which he defines a great being as someone who encounters difficulties – but never experiences them.

This is because problems are problems when we’re trying to find an answer to them or when we’re trying to get away from them. Problems are problems as long as we have the idea that there shouldn’t be any. But when problems, difficulties, obstacles and hindrances are taken as food – something that you learn to chew over, digest and take in – they become part of life, rather than something outside attacking you, something to be blamed.

But as long as we think about ourselves as being separate from what happens and from each other, we remain tiny and frightened. Handled wisely, the problem that confronts you, the issue or the person you want to keep out offer opportunities for you to grow larger.  Relax the resistance, learn, and you’ll grow.

Ajahn Sucitto

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