Space for gratitude

File:Brave person walking out on the glacier point ledge.jpg

Then there was Jim, who said that for many years he took walks that were ‘ranting’ walks. He would walk and contemplate all the things that angered him about the world. One day he decided to begin taking ‘gratitude’ walks. ‘Now while I walk I recount all the things I am grateful for in my life and don’t allow myself to think of negative things at all. I have found this simple practice to be a great gift.’

John Izzo, The Five Secrets you must Discover before Your Die

2 thoughts on “Space for gratitude

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes. I walk everyday exactly for this reason. Meditation in walking, I call it. I may begin grumpy or tired or discouraged,but as I walk and think about the beauty around me – the birds singing, the trees ‘treeing,’ the squirrels scampering, and the clouds dancing in the sky, I begin to relax, think of all the good and wonderful in my life, and return home a new woman.

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