Standing still

File:Rosa Löffler-01.jpg

One of the words in Tibetan for a person can be translated as “one who is on the go” or  a “migrating being”.  There is a deep truth in this and we do not have to be at an airport to realize that we’re always going somewhere or continually in transit. There is a tendency to be  perpetually “on the go”, moving towards or moving away,  always in the search of a perfect feeling.

As long as we chase the myth, trying to get happiness by attempting to manipulate and control life – whether through trying harder to succeed, trying to please others, seeking comfort and diversions or even using spiritual practice to become calm –  we will continue to trap ourselves on the roller coaster cycle of personal happiness and unhappiness, And sadly we will never taste the true contentment that comes when we learn how to stay present with what is, exactly as it is.

Ezra Bayda, Beyond Happiness

photo Hans Stieglitz

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