Don’t get carried away

Bodhidharma said“Expel all concurrent causes. Do not give rise to a single thought.”

This is an important part of our training. Concurrent causes are the ones we are carrying with us when we come to sit in meditation. Not giving rise to thoughts means not letting them carry us away. You are not your thoughts.

Daniel Scharpenburg, The Essence of Buddhist Training.

2 thoughts on “Don’t get carried away

  1. Hello,I Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve been receiving you daily emails for a few years now and you always seem to find such great photos and content. Great work! Still one of the few emails I consistently enjoy. Appreciate what you are creating.Be well,Shawn Reid Sent from my Galaxy

    1. Hi Shawn, much appreciate your comment and your following over the years. I try to put stuff up that supports me and hope that it speaks to others…so am glad if some of them are helpful and enjoyable. There is a community of readers and those who practice and we all support one another, Best wishes, Karl

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