Not always pleased

So here is the ongoing question that is my gauge for measuring my level of confusion – “In this moment, am I able to care?”. Not “Am I pleased?”

There are all sorts of things I don’t like. And in response to what I find unpleasant I often feel dismayed or impatient or annoyed or disappointed or grieved. What I try to so is to keep my mind from fighting with my experience, confusing and isolating itself in self-centred despair. The contentious mind is, by definition, confused. It hasn’t remembered that struggle creates suffering and a grateful response creates clarity. I am trying to stay unconfused and connected to my own kindness. Whenever I do, I relax, see what my options are and choose the nest of them. I wont always be pleased, but I’ll be happy.

Sylvia Boorstein, Happiness is an inside Job

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