Endless winding beauty

Stop now, right now, and look around you. This is your place in the labyrinth. There is no place else you need to be. See with eyes that aren’t fixed on goals, or focused on flaws. You are part of the endless, winding beauty. And as you learn to see the dappled loveliness of your life, as your new eyes help you begin loving the labyrinth, you’ll slowly come to realize that the labyrinth was made solely for the purpose of loving you. 

Martha Beck

One thought on “Endless winding beauty

  1. Beautiful labyrinth Karl. I find them fascinating. My mum & I first came across a wild one about thirty years ago on a pilgrimage island in Co Donegal, Ireland. At the time I didn’t realise what it was.
    The next time was about six years ago in the grounds of a House of Prayer in Wales. I bought a finger labyrinth there & have it at the back of my journal to dip into as and when.
    Thank you for sharing and happy new year.

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